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My philosophy of teaching a foreign language comes from my own personal experience as a student, tutor, and teacher. I have always been interested in teaching others and in how to teach others optimally – this has guided me to actively consider the methods used by my own teachers as well as to monitor the progress of students I  taught. My beliefs regarding teaching a foreign language are constantly evolving. However, up to this point in time, my beliefs center around the following general ideas: (i) the target language should be used as much as possible in the classroom (ii) the teacher should make the importance and use of the target language clear to the students (iii) the teacher should make the class fun and enjoyable for the students (iv) the students should be as involved as possible. The use of technology in modern classrooms is an excellent way to ensure these goals and enhance the experience both for the teacher and the student.

I believe that the best way for a motivated individual to pick up a foreign language is to have formal training in that language while living for an extended period of time in a country where that language is spoken. However, few students are able to take a trip abroad, and many of those that do are not able to stay for an extended period of time. Therefore, the only chance most students have to pick up a foreign language is to take a class in school – this is the reason that classroom instruction is crucial. Stemming from my belief that formal instruction and immersion are together the key to foreign language learning, I believe that classroom instruction should focus on creating an environment as similar to immersion as possible.

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